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The Zodiac Set is a furniture set. You get one of these items each year on New Year's Day. When interacted with, the Zodiac items bob their heads and make a springing sound.

Click the separate furniture pages below for more information.

Picture Name Buy Price Sell Price Color(s) Function Size
ZodiacBoar Zodiac Boar N/A 120 Blue/Brown Decor 1x1
ZodiacDog Zodiac Dog N/A 120 Orange/Black Decor 1x1
ZodiacDragon Zodiac Dragon N/A 120 Green/Purple Decor 1x1
ZodiacGoat Zodiac Goat N/A 120 Yellow/Blue Decor 1x1
ZodiacHorse Zodiac Horse N/A 120 Green/Red Decor 1x1
ZodiacMonkey Zodiac Monkey N/A 120 Purple/Brown Decor 1x1
ZodiacOx Zodiac Ox N/A 120 Red/Black Decor 1x1
ZodiacRabbit Zodiac Rabbit N/A 120 Red/White Decor 1x1
ZodiacRat Zodiac Rat N/A 120 Purple/White Decor 1x1
ZodiacRooster Zodiac Rooster N/A 120 Orange/White Decor 1x1
ZodiacSnake Zodiac Snake N/A 120 Yellow/White Decor 1x1
ZodiacTiger Zodiac Tiger N/A 120 Yellow/Green Decor 1x1

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