Static decor items are decor items that serve no purpose other than to look nice. They cannot be used or interacted with in any way, which includes pushing or activating with the A Button. For the category with a list of all static decor items in the game, head over to Category:Static_decor.

For more decor options:

  • Decor - This includes all furniture items that are meant for purely aesthetic purposes. This is the main, broad group for these items.
  • Interactive decor - These items make sounds or move in some way when interacted with using the A Button, or by pushing it.
  • Wall decor - These furniture pieces can be placed on walls. These do not include wall lamps.
  • Floor decor - Certain items can be walked through or over. These would classify as floor decor items. While they take up space in the house, they do not block your movement.

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