Black is one of the colors of furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Items with matching colors really pull a room together. Below is a list of all the black furniture in New Leaf.

Pure BlackEdit

Picture Name
AmazingMachine Amazing Machine
Amp Amp
BillBlaster Bill Blaster
100px Black Katana
100px Dartboard
100px Desk Light
100px Digital-Photo Frame
100px Ebony Piano
100px Editor's Chair
100px Effects Rack
100px Flat-Screen TV
100px General's Fan
100px Gorgeous Chest
100px Gorgeous Closet
100px Gorgeous Desk
100px Gorgeous Table
100px Lucky Black Cat
100px Metal Guitar
ModernBed Modern Bed
100px Modern Cabinet
100px Modern Lamp
100px Record Player
100px Retro Stereo
100px Safe
100px Ship Cannon
SleekBed Sleek Bed
100px Sleek Chair
100px Sleek Clock
100px Sleek Closet
100px Sleek Dresser
100px Sleek Lamp
SleekSideTable Sleek Side Table
100px Sleek Sideboard
100px Sleek Sofa
100px Sleek Stereo
100px Sleek Table
100px Smoker
100px Star Projector
100px Weight Bench

Hybrid BlackEdit


Picture Name
100px Spherical Radar


Picture Name
100px General's Stool


Picture Name
100px Tuk-Tuk


Picture Name
Anchor Anchor
Bagpipes Bagpipes
100px Campfire Cookware
100px Hi-Fi Stereo
100px High-End Stereo
100px Shogi Piece
100px Tabletop Game
100px Vibraphone
100px Vintage Camera
100px Wide-Screen TV


Picture Name
100px Neon Sign
100px Reel-to-Reel
100px Rice Cake
100px Rooster of Barcelos
100px Sleek Stereo
100px Ten Billion Barrel


Picture Name
100px Butterfly Machine
100px Chalkboard
100px Complex Machine
100px Dessert Case
100px DJ's Turntable
100px Mic Stand
SpiderwebClock Spiderweb Clock
100px Treadmill
100px Volleyball Net


Picture Name
100px Mugho Bonsai


Picture Name
ZodiacDog Zodiac Dog


Picture Name
100px Incense Burner


Picture Name
100px Beacon Fire
100px Circle Banner
100px Gorgeous Bed
100px Gorgeous Counter
100px Gorgeous Lamp
100px Gorgeous Wall Clock
100px Kart
LadybugChair Ladybug Chair
100px New Year's Noodles
100px Upright Piano
100px Virtual Boy
ZodiacOx Zodiac Ox


Picture Name
100px Blossom Lantern
100px Computer Desk
100px Deluxe Range
100px Hot Plate
100px Jolly Roger
100px Mama Panda
100px Mixer
100px Modern Chair
ModernDesk Modern Desk
100px Modern Dresser
100px Modern End Table
100px Modern Sofa
100px Modern Table
100px Modern Wall Clock
100px Modern Wardrobe
100px Reversi Piece
100px Server
100px Skeleton Figurine
100px Storage Case
100px Telescope
100px Time Clock
100px Typewriter
100px Wall-Mounted Speaker


Picture Name
BingoWheel Bingo Wheel
Bow Bow
100px Camp Stove
100px Gold Stereo
HoneybeeChest Honeybee Chest
100px Paper Tiger
100px Samurai Suit
100px Small Spotlight
100px Snowmobile
100px Standing Spotlight
100px Steamroller
100px Striped Cone
100px Sword
100px Wet-Road Sign

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